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Exchange office Politickych veznu
Branch 1
Politických vězňů 1531/9
110 00, Praha 1

Mon - Fri 9.30 to 18.00
Sat 10.30 -18.00
Sun - closed

Exchange office Siroka
Branch 2
Široká 22
110 00, Praha 1

Mon - Fri 9.00 to 20.00
Sat - Sun 10.00 to 19.00

tel: +420 724 417 830
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Current exchange rates

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USD U.S. dollar USD120.10020.9001243.78 USD20.70020.850
EUR Euro EUR125.00025.5001000.00 EUR25.35025.440
GBP British pound GBP128.30029.100883.39 GBP28.75029.000
CHF Swiss franc CHF121.10021.7501184.83 CHF21.45021.650
JPY Japanese yen JPY10018.20019.0001373.63 JPY18.55018.900
DKK Danish krone DKK13.3003.4607575.76 DKK3.3803.430
NOK Norwegian krone NOK12.4502.68010204.08 NOK2.6102.660
SEK Swedish krone SEK12.4002.64010416.67 SEK2.5502.600
CAD Canadian dollar CAD116.10016.9501552.80 CAD16.50016.850
HRK Croatian kuna HRK13.2003.6007812.50 HRK3.3503.500
PLN Polish zloty PLN15.7006.3004385.96 PLN6.0506.200
AUD Australian dollar AUD116.00016.7501562.50 AUD16.40016.650
HUF Hungarian forint HUF1007.5008.4503333.33 HUF8.1508.350
RUB Russian ruble RUB10030.00038.000833.33 RUB35.80037.300
UAH Ukraine hryvnia UAH10.5001.40050000.00 UAH0.6601.200
TRY Turkish lira TRY14.5007.0005555.56 TRY5.1505.880
CNY Chinese yuan CNY12.0003.50012500.00 CNY3.1103.340
SGD Singapore dollar SGD112.00017.0002083.33 SGD14.00015.980
BGN Bulgarian levaBGN111.00015.0002272.73 BGN12.25014.000
SAR South Arabian RiyalSAR14.7006.1005319.15 SAR5.1205.680
SCP scottish poundSCP123.00030.0001086.96 SCP25.00029.000
AED Emirati dirhamAED14.8007.0005208.33 AED5.2005.900
HKD Hong Kong DollarHKD12.0003.00012500.00 HKD2.2002.700
ILS Israeli shekelILS15.2007.1004807.69 ILS5.4006.300
KRW Korean wonKRW1001.0002.50025000.00 KRW1.6202.050
NZD New Zealand DollarNZD114.00017.0001785.71 NZD14.55016.200
RON Romanian new leuRON14.5006.3005555.56 RON5.1005.680
THB Thai bathTHB10060.00075.000416.67 THB64.10070.800
ZAR South African randZAR10.8002.50031250.00 ZAR1.0002.000

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Dear customers,
welcome to web site of AURAAKTIV Ltd. - the operator of Prague exchange offices chain.
On all of our exchange offices, you can use english, russian or czech language. Our exchange office offers you a chance to change not so commonly used currencies, like Russian ruble, Ukrainian hryvnia, Bulgarian lev, Turkish lira and other.

You can find our exchange offices in Prague city center, near Wenceslas square and near Old Town square:
- in Politických vězňů 9 street
- and brand new opened branch in Široká 22 street.

More detailed information and maps can be found in contacts.


Since 1st Oct 2008 is in Czech republic valid new law 253/2008 Coll., § 7. This law orders to all exchange offices to require the ID card from its customers on exchange of the money in amount of 1000 € or higher, or its equivalent in another currency.
We have to record this information to our registry. Thank you in advance for your understandings.


Our exchange office buys damaged euro banknotes and old german marks (DEM) of all denominations.
The Auraaktiv exchange offices also offers to the customers the buyout of euro coins. We do believe, that you will gladly use the exchange services offered by our exchange office, and our future cooperation will mean brand new business success for you. All exchange rates are valid, and we do not charge any processing fee.